Ask, come on, Ask away…
There are two types of people: those that ask and those that don’t! You are probably saying, I knew that! There is no revelation in that statement!! Precisely, simple enough, logic.

There are three major responses to questions: 1) Yes 2) No 3) Not at this time or better known as Wait.

I know you are thinking, what is she talking about? Well, I’ve been thinking of the questions we ask and then the answers we receive. Not only that, but the reactions we give when we get our answer.
There are people in life that just don’t like asking questions, therefore, confront a lot of issues in their lives simply because they don’t like looking as if they don’t know. It’s funny to see those people. You see them going crazy over things that you have a solution for but their ego doesn’t permit them to vocalize what they need. They go through life thinking they know it all when in reality they know nothing. If you don’t ask, then you won’t receive.
Then, there are those that love asking questions but yet are not prepared to receive the response. I say to those, then don’t ask!! =)
The bible stresses to people that want answers and understand they need help to ask. Ask and it shall be given to you (shall receive)- Mathew 7:7,8 makes a note of this. Now, I do have to warn you. It does say, you will receive BUT it doesn’t tell what you will receive. It doesn’t say that you shall receive what you WANT. It’s what He wants for you!
I mean, come on, there are people asking God for a million dollars for their own selfish gain. He knows what they will do with the money. So they think, if I ask, I will receive! Yes, they will receive a BIG FAT NO!!!
So, the bible does say, ask and you shall receive. You will receive a yes, no or not at this time. We have to understand that He is our father and knows exactly what we need, when we need it. Therefore, we need to be prepared for His response. God doesn’t have grey areas, He doesn’t lead you on and tries to succor you. Nope, it’s either yes, no or not at this moment! Many things depend on our reaction to His response.
I’ll finish with this, how do you react with God’s responses? Do you get temper tantrums and begin rolling on the floor to see if he decides to change His mind? Or do you say, Lord, I really wanted this but don’t let it be my will but your will be done. If in the future you know I can handle it, then bring it on. I am waiting for it!!!