Where it all began

Jacqueline Tirado is an International Preacher, Pastor & Author. She possess over 25 years of experience in leadership. She has a Bachelors Degree in Sciences with multiple studies in Psychology and Counseling. Alongside her husband, Gerson Tirado, they founded “Generation of Faith Church” “The Place Without Colors”. In 2013 was the recipient of the “Soaring Eagle Award” for “Outstanding Apostolic Leadership”. She hosts 3 Television programs; “Fresh Flavor” at TBN Salsa, “United” at TY TV and “Atrévete a Creer” at CTNI. Also host the Radio program; “Generacion de Fe”. God has empowered her with a unifing word of faith that is refreshing and motivating.

From East to West

For the last 15 years, Jacqueline has traveled to Central, South America, the Caribbean and 30 States in the USA preaching, teaching and empowering people with the message of faith and hope in Jesus Christ. She is the Founder of JNT Ministries, Host of “Revitalize” Women’s Retreat and Host of “Sparkle” Women’s Conference. Jacqueline was ordained into the Apostolic Ministry by Bishop Billie K. Bamberg on 2011. She is also an ordained Minister of “Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International” under the covering of Apostle Ron Carpenter since 2015. She possesses an impacting message of hope that empowers man and woman to fulfill their destiny. She is dedicated with love and compassion to helping people around the world. She is truly A Prophetic Voice in this Generation. She lives in Florida with her husband Gerson and her son Jason David.