He came for the Lost

As I wrote this topic, I began to think how every person that has ever accused, judged and/or justified themselves, no longer have weapons to throw against someone else. Every argument falls against this statement on top. Why you ask? Because every human being that has come to Christ has recognized that they were once lost but now they are found. He came for the lost!

So many religious people have a problem with the message of restoration. I don’t know why, they were restored also! I think the root of the problem is in their ego and how they look at sin. These people look majorly at two things: 1) That they were restored but their sin wasn’t THAT big. 2) Since they have come to Christ, they haven’t fallen.

I got news for these types of people today. God is a God of opportunities! First, we need to stop looking at sin according to our justification table. This sin is big but this sin is little. NO! Every sin is looked upon the same. If God restored a fornicator and restored a liar, they are the same in His eyes. Sin is sin. Not big or small, just sin! The difference is that a lot of people MANIFEST their sin or God MANIFEST their sin and others HIDE it really well. But it’s sin nonetheless.
Adultery is equivalent to jealousy. Envy is equivalent to stealing. Revenge is equivalent to lying. Fornication is equivalent to hate and so forth. I know what you are thinking, that just doesn’t add up! Well, it’s true, in our minds we need to stop having the sin table and understand that ALL sin, EVERY sin is the same. He came for ALL of them.

Second, these religious people think that just because they are saved, that they don’t commit anymore sins. They forget that we have to renew our hearts and repent daily, that all of us sin. When other’s sins are manifested, they think that they are better because their sin wasn’t. They forget that ALL sin is sin.

In Luke 19:10 reads: “For the Son of Man came to find and restore the lost.” People we were ALL lost in sin. That’s why Jehovah God was the first to introduce the restoration message.

Let’s look at a few important points:

1) When Adam and Eve sinned, He was the first one to come speak to them and to restore them. He said, “Adam, where are you?” Then people say that God doesn’t speak to sinners. Adam had already sinned and God still spoke to him.

2) In Genesis 3:3 says: “It’s only about the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, ‘don’t eat from it; don’t even touch it or you’ll die.” Even after He told them that if they eat, they will die, He still didn’t kill them!! That alone demonstrates God’s loving nature. He had the right to kill them and get rid of them but didn’t. He had a plan all along. I love that because when we screw up, He doesn’t throw us out either.

3) He clothed them. WOW! He didn’t leave them naked with their sins. He killed an animal, shed the blood to cloth them. Prophetically, He was already introducing what Jesus would do for us. Clothes us. When we lie, He clothes us. When we cheat, He clothes us. When we sin, He clothes us. He exposes our sins because He wants to clothes us. He needs to expose our sin just to clothes us.

I know those blood sucking religious killers are saying. Yea, but they were kicked out of the garden so there!!!! lol… yeah, I know. They forget how many times they get “kicked” out of their “awesomeness” when they sin. To answer them, Yes they were. No one is saying there isn’t consequence to sin. Of course, there are. Even if we repent, there are consequences to our sin. But the consequences should be in the hands of the God that made us not up to us.

That brings us to our last point.

4) There are consequences, they were taken out of the garden but God was the one who passed judgment on them. He didn’t give that job to the angels, or to the serpent or to the animals. He, himself, gave them a judgment. They sinned, He judged and He decided to let them live and give them a second chance in life. So why are you passing judgment? Why are you sentencing people to life-term sentences? You are thinking, but they sin, they have to pay. They are paying; the bible says that the payment of sin is death. God gave them a consequence, why do you have to put your two cents in? Let go and let God.

That’s the reason, He sent Jesus. To outdo, outweigh, overcome what the enemy did to Adam. Jesus came to FIND the lost and SAVE the lost. Not only does He find you, but He saves you from yourself and from the people that are sentencing you. Aren’t you glad he rescued you?

Next time, you want to point fingers, judge and condemn, remember He found you also. He loved you so much, He spoke to you, He didn’t kill you, He clothed you and He judged you, no one else, He did. And He said, I came to give you life and life in abundance!
Our God is an awesome God.