Sweet Voice

Understanding what the scriptures say in John 10:5-6, that the sheep hear the Shepherd’s voice and follows is critical in having a Godly everyday walk. Every single day there are voices that will speak in our life. We have to decide which voices are the ones we are going to listen to. The biggest mistakes in life are usually a result of a voice we paid attention to and followed. Let’s look at a few different types of voices:

1) Our personal Voice- This voice is composed of our ego. What we want, what we think we need, what our studies have led us to believe, what our experience have taught us, etc. This voice has all the elements of “I”. I this, I that, I know, I understand, I’ve experience. When we listen to the “I”, it’s difficult to listen to the Shepherd would made the “I”. It’s a voice that leads many astray from having a pure relationship with the Shepherd because they are so busy listening to themselves.

2) Friends and families’ Voices- This voice is centered around everyone else’s opinion. These types of people usually do not have an identity of who they are in Christ. They base their whole christian walk on what other people think about them, they do what other people counsel them to do and rarely ask the Shepherd to confirm in their heart if that’s correct for their life. It’s easier listening and following other’s people’s opinion then actually looking for the solutions themselves in the Word. Not to say that all our friends and families have negative voices and will give wrong counsel because there are Godly friends, family, mentors that God have placed in our lives to help us along our journey. The key word here is to “help us”. Learn to disregard negative voices that are not align with God[‘s word and listen to positive voices and present it to the shepherd in prayer so that He leads you to green pastures. Find your identity in Christ and permit Him to guide and teach you.

3) Sweet Voice of the Shepherd- This is the sweetest voice and the most important voice us humans will ever listen to. This is the true voice, the only voice that our heart should listen and follow. This voice will lead you always towards victory, towards righteousness. It’s the only voice that will give you peace, joy and will make you understand your life. This voice will give you wisdom for every area of your life. When storms of life arrive, this voice will still the waters. Run towards the voice, don’t be afraid of it. It will never harm you nor kill you, it will always impart life and life in abundance. The sheep hears His voice and follow. Learn to listen to the right voice, but don’t stay just listening. You need to do something after that. You need to follow. Follow His instructions, follow His counsel just follow His words. Learn to listen but learn to follow the sweetest voice you will ever hear. The sweet voice of Jesus.

Say the name… the name of Jesus. There is no voice like His on earth that will soothe your soul like His voice. He knows you and he knows your voice. He wants you to know Him and His voice.